In 2005 I inherited 42 acres that adjoined my property from my parent's estate. My home at 1830 Pleasantville Road consisted of 5 acres, bringing my holding to 47 acres. Having come from a family that has farmed in Harford County since before the Civil War, as well as being raised on a dairy farm, I chose to enter the seed stock Angus business.

In the ensuing 5 years I bought foundation cattle and through additional purchases and breeding my herd now numbers 68 head. While I have been able to market females I have found the bull business to be very weak, so I started finishing out steers and selling sides of beef. I would now like to sell natural beef from my garage. Judging by the current price of beef, that would greatly help my bottom line.

Except for one acre where my house stands, my entire property is used for pasture and hay production, including the other four acres of my original lot. Improvements to my property include a water system serving nine pastures to allow rotational grazing and a 40x 80 barn. I also lease an additional 25 acres in the area for hay production.

It is my hope that through retailing my beef I will generate enough income for my children to continue the business and further the family heritage. 
Joe Rahll, Sr.


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