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The hours available to our customers are from 3pm – 5pm on Friday and 11am - 5pm on Saturday.
You can always count on us being there during those times.

However, all it takes is a call, text, or e-mail, and you can schedule an appointment at a more convenient time to meet with us.

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Pleasantville Beef

All Natural. USDA Certified. Locally Grown. Grass Raised and Corn Finished. Dry Aged.

Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free. NO Animal Bi-products.

1830 Pleasantville Road Forest Hill, MD  21050      


Joe  (410) 218-2793  Adam  (443) 655-5341
*All prices in dollars per pound
Product Price Per Pound Product Price Per Pound
Filet Mignon  22 Sirloin Roast   8
Porterhouse   20 Eye Roast   8
T-Bone  20 Rump Roast    8
NY Strip 20 Chuck Roast    8
Delmonico (Rib Eye) 20  Ground Beef (1 lb. pack)  6
Skirt Steak  14  (4) 4 oz. Patties (1 lb. pack) 6
Hanger Steak 12  Chip Steak (Package) 7
Sirloin   15 Beef Cubes (Package)  7
London Broil  14 Soup Bones   5
Flat Iron  12 Beef Jerky (4 oz. bag)  6
Petite Tender    12 Beef Stix (1 oz. stick)  1.50
Ranch   12 Beef Sausage Links (Package)  7
Top Round & Bottom Round   8 Hot Dogs  7
Tri-Tip   8 Ribs 7
Flank 14 Brisket 8
Sirloin Tip 8 Stir Fry (Package) 7
Chuck Tender 8 6 oz. Burgers (Package) 8
    Organs 5

1/4 and 1/2 cow available while scheduling lasts.
That includes butcher fee, vacuum packaging, and your cutting instructions and pick up at the farm.

*All organs are 3 dollars per pound

Our cattle are naturally raised on our farm on grass and hay and supplemented with grain to maturity. They are processed before 24 months of age. We never use any hormones, antibiotics, or animal bi-products.

         Our cattle are processed at Smucklers Meats in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania. A USDA inspected plant. There they are processed during which they are dry aged for 21 days. They are then cut to our specifications for our customer’s desire and frozen to -20 degrees. From that point, they are then transported to our freezers at Rahll Creek.




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